Monday, August 22, 2016

When you're just not feeling it

Though it is not always realistic or doable, I feel like I need to sit down quietly, alone with my bible and a notebook in order to really tap into prayer or to hear from God. Satan knows this and totally uses it against me. Recently I posted a video on distractions and in a nutshell, I said that sometimes the enemy uses good things to distract us. I have found myself in that dilemma right now. 

 So much has been going on. Within the last 4 days, we have moved to a new house, our oldest kids started school, our youngest started daycare and I started a new job! It wears me out just typing it!   I don't share this as a complaint, I just want you to have the whole picture. While enjoying and navigating through these new blessings, I have not taken the time to really sit and just be with God. I feel totally guilty about it. I'm not feeling very spiritual. 

One phrase I repeat to myself frequently is "faith is not about feelings". It is  hard to die to my flesh and not operate on how I feel but I  know that it is an attack.  Just because I don't "feel" it, doesn't change my position in Christ. I think about was an emotional wreck! Just read the Psalms and you'll see. I have no doubt that he got distracted and felt far from God because he didn't make enough time to sit quietly with Him.  Though he had highs and lows, it did not change God's mind about him. God used him mightily!  The good thing is that I have caught onto it, brought it before the Lord and asked the Holy Spirit to strengthen and help me. If you are in a place like me, please know that it is ok! Push through this season and don't stay stuck. Learn to give yourself grace, God does! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

My voice will be heard!

I sit here tonight just thinking back over the past couple of months and all that God has done. He has made ways and worked things out perfectly. Yet, I have allowed my voice to be stifled and I haven't shared a bit of it with you. Somehow, fear has crept in slowly choking me. Not only has my voice been quieted spiritually but also physically. In the last 6 weeks alone,  I have suffered from both laryngitis and strep throat for the first time in my life. Until today, I didn't really and truly realize that they were connected to my spiritual afflicion. I have a call of God on my life, and that scares the devil. If I can get my story and experiences out there to encourage or lead even one person to Christ, that is one too many in his opinion. He has done so many things to prevent me from sharing and to keep me in fear. I am learing that one way to combat the attack is to do what scares me. Don't let fear keep me bound. I am making a commitment to blog more frequently. I have so much content to share, so many words to type and plenty of pain to minister out of. I plan to clear out and tear down the house that fear had taken up residence in within my soul. There is freedom, peace and healing that is coming to me. And my prayer is that it is coming to you too. I apologize for my silence and I want to thank you for following along with my journey. You will be hearing from me again soon!